Sunshine CRM CB

Shanhe Sunshine CRM CB, Cross-Border Customer relationship management software accelerates performance growth, provides services such as business opportunity follow-up, order promotion, customer management, and order (contract) management for enterprises. Help enterprises solve problems such as difficulty in finding customers, signing orders, and managing sales personnel. Integrate flowchart/mind mapping tools to pursue safety, simplicity, efficiency, and intelligence, and improve work efficiency and level. Support enterprise on-premise and private cloud deployment.

Shanhe Sunshine CRM CB Simplified Chinese version.


Business opportunity collection, contact follow-up, quotation, transaction, customer management, order (contract) management, etc.


1. Based on the SHANHE platform, seamlessly integrated with the SHANHE platform, intelligently processing market and sales business.

2. Support SHANHE platform for customer expansion and offline business tracking management.

3. Relying on the SHANHE system, leveraging ecological advantages, and significantly improving business performance.

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